Think Eternity Not Temporary

What is the secret to being thankful and content in whatever relationship status we are in? It is choosing to “Think Eternity and Not Temporary.” What do I mean by this? I mean choosing to have the proper spiritual perspective about this life. As a Christian, correct perspective is essential to continuance and perseverance through […]

Faith in the Midst of a Pandemic

            How should a Christian respond to this Coronavirus? The answer…. “IN FAITH.” So many people in this world are chasing after things that only God can truly supply. Money cannot save us; the crashing stock market is proof of that. Our jobs do not give us guaranteed security, the millions of unemployed are proof of […]

The Grass is Not Always Greener

I want you to imagine that you, or should I say your life represents grass. We’ve all heard the saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side. This statement is to show the reality that things are not always as good as they seem. It also encourages us not to compare […]

Trust Issues Rehab

I’ve had a couple of relapses since I first entered “Trust Issues Rehab.” But you know the amazing part about this whole journey? God’s faithful love. I just don’t understand why He’s so patient with me. Sometimes I think He’s so crazy for putting up with me. I’m like a stubborn little child, that touches the stove, even after He has told me a thousands times it’s hot and it’s going to hurt me. Lol But He is always there after I touch the stove. He lets me crawl into His lap, weep and wail, and then He cradles me in His arms, and tends to my wounds so gently and tenderly. Then He recites so patiently His Word to me. Then it never fails. His Word covers the wounds of my hurting heart like coconut balm. It purifies, soothes, and heals all at the same time. He literally keeps loving me back to life..EVERY..SINGLE..DAY! I’ve never experienced a love quite like this before. During my rehab journey God has loved me greatly and taught me greatly. Read this blog to find out more.

Healthy Whole Healed

Sometimes the depth of our dysfunction and sin can be so great that when healthy/godly relationships or healthy/godly patterns try to enter our lives, we push them away. When we become so comfortable in dysfunction and sin, being ‘healthy” and “whole” becomes very uncomfortable and foreign to us. But who ever said the road to healing, the road to wholeness, the road to healthy, and the road to holiness would be easy? What if the discomfort we are avoiding can be the very path to our redemptive healing?

Grown Wounded Child

Time does not heal all wounds. Sometimes time further reveals the wounds that haven’t been attended to or dealt with. Wounded children don’t grow up to be adults, they grow up to be still wounded children. No matter how old we get in earthly years, we will never out-grow being a child to God. Our healing is found in our Heavenly Father who created and made us. Don’t believe me? Read more to find out.


Just being candor for a moment… I would consider myself a very emotional person. I’ve always been this way even as a little child. I feel emotions SO deeply. Happiness, sadness, empathy, whatever emotion it is, I’m ALL in. I’m thankful for God’s intricate design of creating me with a sensitive heart to be able to feel, express my feelings, and connect with others, but therein lies one of my greatest challenges. My emotions are the very thing I’ve had to learn to rear and discipline. That my friends is one of the hardest task of my life! I write this blog currently in one of my splew of “emotional battles” wondering, “Ok Lord, what’s going on in my life right now? Things are not making sense and my feelings say one thing, but my faith says another. What am I supposed to do?” Read more to find out the answer to this question.

Patience In the Face of Suffering

“Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. Brothers and sisters, as an example of patience in the face […]

Gripped by Grief

Gripped by Grief Grief has a way of seizing your heart like a Sumo wrestler. It pounces on you and sends you falling to the ground. Then once it has you knocked down, it seems to squeeze you and sit on top of you, refusing to let you go.  Its grip can feel extremely tight…so […]

27 Things I Realized by Age 27

“I said, let days speak and many years teach wisdom.” -Job 32:7 1. Selfishness will lead to loneliness. (Phil 2:3)   2. The truth of who you are will be revealed on judgement day. GOD knows those who are HIS. (1 Cor 4:5)   3. NEVER apologize for grieving. (Matt 5:4)   4. Understanding when it’s […]