About Me

I am a young woman who has always had a love for writing since childhood.

My love for it actually started off as a private one. I would write in my journals and just talk to God and let Him know how I was feeling. It took me years to get comfortable with sharing my writings with others. I thought for sure no one would EVER want to read or listen to what I had to say.

But here I am now, taking a step of faith and using my writings as a means of helping and encouraging others in this christian journey.  I’ll be the first to say I do not have it all together. It’s tough trying to live righteously in a world like today. Temptation and sin is literally ALL around. It is definitely not easy. I struggle and make mistakes every single day. I’m simply a broken vessel who is so thankful for the amazing love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

This is why I’m so passionate about connecting with people like me. I know there are many others struggling just as I am, who truly desire to make heaven their home. I am a Registered Nurse by trade but a Christian first and foremost. Everyday I am reminded of how precious this life really is. That’s why my prayer is to help as many people as possible to live the life in which God intended for them. A life that seeks to fearlessly and faithfully follow Him.