Think Eternity Not Temporary

What is the secret to being thankful and content in whatever relationship status we are in? It is choosing to “Think Eternity and Not Temporary.” What do I mean by this? I mean choosing to have the proper spiritual perspective about this life. As a Christian, correct perspective is essential to continuance and perseverance through […]

Trust Issues Rehab

I’ve had a couple of relapses since I first entered “Trust Issues Rehab.” But you know the amazing part about this whole journey? God’s faithful love. I just don’t understand why He’s so patient with me. Sometimes I think He’s so crazy for putting up with me. I’m like a stubborn little child, that touches the stove, even after He has told me a thousands times it’s hot and it’s going to hurt me. Lol But He is always there after I touch the stove. He lets me crawl into His lap, weep and wail, and then He cradles me in His arms, and tends to my wounds so gently and tenderly. Then He recites so patiently His Word to me. Then it never fails. His Word covers the wounds of my hurting heart like coconut balm. It purifies, soothes, and heals all at the same time. He literally keeps loving me back to life..EVERY..SINGLE..DAY! I’ve never experienced a love quite like this before. During my rehab journey God has loved me greatly and taught me greatly. Read this blog to find out more.