Resting in and on the ROCK

If we take a moment to look around the world in front of us, it’s not hard to see that our world is in a constant state of utter chaos and unrest. It can be overwhelming seeing the pandemonium that this virus has caused. It’s also burdening to see the depravity, wickedness, evilness, and straight […]

3 Reasons Why Every Nurse Should Practice Self Care

Are you a nurse and feeling burned out, tired, and starting to question why you became a nurse? Then this blog is for you. The joy of nursing is first found within yourself and taking care of yourself. Don’t believe me? Then just read and you will see.

On Hiatus

  TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS, SUBSCRIBERS, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS: It is with a heart full of love, that I inform you all that I will be taking a social media hiatus. During this season, I ask for you all’s prayers. My heart’s desire is to continue to grow into the woman that God would have […]